The Mi-26 ‘Halo’ is a Russian Helicopter and currently holds the record for the largest mass produced helicopter almost forty years after its introduction in 1983 as both a military and civillian vehicle.

Three MIL

In Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

So far the Mi-26 has had five appearances in Modern Warfare Endgame. In the first a Mi-26T2 (the all weather variant) is seen at the end of the level Safe Haven being piloted by Nikolai allowing the surviving Task Force 141 Members and Russian Loyalists away from the Russian Relay Base. It’s second appearance is in the cut scene for Recent History where it can be seen flying South West out of Russian Air Space. The third apperance by the Halo is in the level Border Skirmish where three Mi-26s are seen dropping off Russian Troops and BTR-80s. One is shot down by Ramirez using a Stinger Missile Launcher. The Mi-26, possibly the same one from Safe Haven, is seen in Contagion where it is used by the TF-141 as a jump platform for their HALO Jump. An Mi-26 is seen during the events of Romeo Sierra where the player directs an M777 Howitzer to shoot it down before it lands and begins deploying troops and vehicles.


A parked Mi-26, possibly the same one from the Campaign level Safe Haven in the multiplayer map Blizzard on the east side of the level. Rumours that the Mi-26 will replace the C-130 Hercules as the supplier for the Russian and Ultranationalist of the Emergency Airdrop Killstreak have neither been confirmed or unconfirmed.


Despite being the largest flying helicopter, the Russian Mil V-12 ‘Homer’ holds the record of being the largest helicopter ever built

The Mi-26 has Shadow Company Markings on the fuselage. This is incorrect since current American Forces don’t use the Mi-26


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