Marine Bonaventure
Appears in Call of Duty: Wolf
Status KIA
Killed By Éléonore Aubuchon
Birth 1991
Sex Female
Height 170cm
Weight 59km
Build Athletic
Hair Blonde
Eyes Grey
Race Caucasian
Death November 11th, 2012
Weapon MTAR-X2, Glock 19 and Any weapon at her disposal
Timeline Wolf Timeline

Marine Bonaventure is a French-Algerian born Identity Agent. She is a playable and recurring character in Call of Duty: Wolf. She is present during the Raid on Camp Identity, and the only one who can reveal the truth about the Global EMP.

Call of Duty: Wolf Edit

After a routine inspection on the moon; Zenon, McKidd and herself return to find the base undersiege by unknown mercs. She fought against them dumbstruck on how they got in the base, but this was a little concern for her as protecting the base was more important.

The three of them manage to fight through the mercs, and end up coming in a missile silo where they discover the betrayal of Éléonore Aubuchon, and are incinerated by the launch of the first nuclear missile.

She later reappears with several files and videos of suspicious activities containing Éléonore and French President Bertrand Larouche. This videos manage to convince many people including the Americans, and Jamie Salmon.

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