M777 Howitzer



Magazine Size

1 Round per Firing

Unlocked at

Not in Multiplayer

Rate of Fire


Used by

US Army Rangers

The M777 Howitzer is a light weight towed artillery piece in service with the US Army as well as Canadian and Australian Forces. The M777 fires a 155mm shell and unlike larger artillery forces only requires a crew of 5 people to use it. The M777 is 42% lighter then most main Howitzers in service.


An M777 Howitzer on duty in Afghanistan

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


While the only time that the M777 is used by the player is Romeo Sierra, this artillery piece can also be seen at Camp Flashlight in Rolling Thunder and in the wreckage near the original drop zone in Tomorrow Moscow. During Romeo Sierra the player uses a Laser Designator to direct the crew of an M777 to destroy a T72 Tank, a pair of AA Guns and some BM-21 ‘Grad’ Missile Launchers. After defending the gun the player then has to shoot down the Mi-26 ‘Halo’ before it drops reinforcements in the courtyard. During Objective Kilo the player can see M777 Howitzers firing on targets throughout the city. In both Romeo Sierra and Objective Kilo several CH-47 ‘Chinook’ Helicopters can be seen transporting Howitzers to firing positions.


The wreckage of what looks like it was an M777 Howitzer can be seen on the multiplayer map Sunspot


The player can sometimes see the Howitzers being airlifted into position

Since the M777 can’t be carried by a Black Hawk Helicopter and there are no other American Transports around it is strange that one is found in Tomorrow Moscow

Like the ZPUs the M777 has less crew then it should hav


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