This article is a list of all the named soldiers and other people in Call of Duty: Final Push.

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Ssgt. John Austin- Commander of (627th, One-one Bravo)
  • "Lightning"- Second in command of Storm Ops, full name is classified
  • Devin Vogel- 627th sniper, playable in one mission

627th TWS (Tactical Warfare Squads)Edit

One-one TeamEdit

Fireteam AlphaEdit

  • 1st Lt. Jonathan Keating- Commander of the 627th TWS, Commander of One-one team, commander of Fireteam Alpha
  • Cpl. Domonic Madison- (627th, One-one Alpha)
  • Cpl. Daniel Griffen- (627th, One-one Alpha)
  • Sgt. Thomas West- (627th, One-one Alpha)

Fireteam BravoEdit

  • Ssgt. John Austin- Commander of Fireteam Bravo (Playable)
  • Sgt. Troy Garrison- (627th, One-one Bravo)
  • Cpl. Tyler Beasley- (627th, One-one Bravo)
  • Cpl. Katherine Bailey- (627th, One-one Bravo)

One-Two TeamEdit

Fireteam CharlieEdit

  • Sgt. Ian Rivera- commander of Fireteam Charlie
  • Cpl. Laura Nichols- (627th, One-two Charlie)
  • Cpl. Allen Chandler- (627th, One-two Charlie)
  • Cpl. Kristin Manning- (627th, One-two Charlie)

Fireteam DeltaEdit

  • Ssgt. Isaac Boone- commander of Fireteam Delta
  • Sgt. Olivia Massey- (627th, One-two Delta)
  • Cpl. Russel Vance- (627th, One-two Delta)
  • Cpl. Miguel Haley- (627th, One-two Delta)

Fireteam Echo (Special Team)Edit

Sniper TeamEdit

  • Sgt. Devin Vogel- (627th, Sniper Team)
  • Cpl. Casey McKinley- (627th, Sniper Team)

Support GunnersEdit

  • Cpl. Shane Cohen (627th, One-one Support)
  • Cpl. Will Dewayne (627th, One-two Support)

Storm OpsEdit

  • Lightning (Playable)
  • Thunder- Leader of Storm Ops
  • Downpour
  • Blizzard

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