Lights Out
Previous level None
Next level Découvrir
Game Call of Duty: Wolf
Character Cadet Jamie Salmon
Agent Marine Bonaventure
Team 144 Atherton ACU (Jamie Salmon)
Identity (Marine Bonaventure)
Weapons MTAR-X2
Glock 19
Enemy weapons XM8
Mk. 23 Socom
Place Irvinebank, Queensland, Australia (Jamie Salmon)
Camp Identity, Moon
Date November 11th, 2012
Objective Return to camping grounds
Return to Camp Identity
Fight off the intruders
Get inside the missile silo
Enemies "Mercs"
Multiplayer map Identity

"Lights Out" is the first campaign level of Call of Duty: Wolf. In it the player takes control of Cadet Jamie Salmon and Agent Marine Bonaventure.

Plot Edit

French chatter is over heard from space and is being receive in Paris, 145 Hours GMT. Before they can respond the transmission is cut. The scene changes to a strange woman handing weapons to some people wearing Mercenary geary and clothes. 1100 hours AEST at Irvinebank, Jamie Salmon is finished dismantling the latrines and returns to the camp, a flash of light appears in orbit of Earth. The screen cuts white and the players takes control of Agent Marine Bonaventure and are joined by Zenon and McKidd on a buggy on the moon surface driving towards a giant base. As they enter Marine takes off her helmet and briefly looks at her reflection for a second. As they move inside they discover a body and an ensure fight begins.

In the chaos Bonaventure notes that the raiders aren't using explosive weapons, and finds everything fishy. Going the base, they fight off the merc intruders. Bonaventure, Zenon and McKidd are alerted to the silo and take out the guards around it. Once they enter the door locks behind them and they clear out the intruders. Éléonore contacts them over the radio and tells them that she won't let them interfere in her plans to rise to absolute power. An alert starts, and the missile perpares to launch, the flames the missile incinerate Marine, Zenon and McKidd.

Cinematic roles as missiles launch are destroy everyone satellite ever created destroying all 1070 satellites. Causing an EMP blast destroying all electronic equipment and killing 5% of human population.

Transcript Edit

Achievements/Trophies Edit

  • Lights Out (5/Bronze) - Complete Lights Out on any difficulty
  • Did You See That? (5/Bronze) - Get a headshot while dazed by flashbang.
  • The Pacifist (20/Bronze) - Complete the level without killing anyone

Trivia Edit

  • This is only one of three levels where a British character appears as an ally.

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