The Laser Rangefinder is a sight in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame that provides increased accuracy when aiming down your sights as well as providing information about the targets distance and allegiance to the player.

Call of Duty: EndgameEdit


The Laser Rangefinder is rarely found in Campaign, despite being attached to the players AUG HBAR in the beginning of the level The Raven’s Trail. When it is found the Laser Rangefinder is usually attached to the M14 EBR and wielded by Shadow Company Personnel.


The Laser Rangefinder is also available in multiplayer and can be attached to Light Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles, with the exception of the RPD and WA2000. The Laser Rangefinder is unlocked by getting fifteen kills while the weapon is steadied by a Bipod. Like in Campaign the Rangefinder features a floating crosshair in the centre of the scope in a similar fashion to the Holographic Sight. In the bottom right hand corner of the scope the distance to the target is recorded in meters and the data sent to the crosshairs. A red crosshair indicated that the target is within the weapons range, while a black target reveals that the target is out of range, finally a green crosshair indicates that the target is an ally and shouldn’t be killed. Like most computerized weapon attachments the Laser Designator is rendered useless under the effects of the EMP Killstreak.


The Laser Designator can occasionally be seen shining a thin green beam if light at the target, to access the distance to the target, in very dark environments.

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