Achievement Name - Killer Croc

Gamer Score - 10G

Trophy Type - Bronze

Description - Destroy all Targets during the Helicopter Flight

Killer Crock

The Icon for the 'Killer Croc' Achievment

This achievement is fairly simple, destroy all the enemy targets during the helicopter flight in Worst Case Scenario. While destroying the enemy targets is no problem keeping the Ka-52 Helicopter in the air is more difficult as prolonged fire will destroy it. A simple trick to use especially when fighting the BM-21 ‘Grad’ Launchers is to stay out of range and bombard them from long range with the S52 Rockets. In general keep out of range and use your rockets rather then the canon, which should only be used in combination with the Igla Missiles against the Mi-24 'Hind', and put effort into evasive actions when a rocket gets fired your way. Also be aware that there are five bunkers and eight watchtowers, which while not immediate threats must be destroyed to get this achievement.


The achievement name is a reference and a tribute to both the Ka-52 ‘Alligator’ as well as the batman villain Killer Croc

In addition the icon for this achievement is a copy of the ‘black shark’ nose art on the original Ka-50 ‘Black Shark’

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