The Ka-52 Alligator is a two man variant of the Ka-50 ‘Black Shark designed as a dedicated ground attack helicopter despite loosing out against the Mi-28 ‘Havoc’ to become the Russian Army’s Main Gunship. The Ka-50 and all it’s variants have a coaxial rotor design thus negating the need for the vulnerable tail rotor and increasing the helicopters top speed.


Ka-52 Alligator

Call of Duty EndgameEdit


A Ka-52 is stolen by Cortez and Dunn during the events of Worst Case Scenario to track a stolen UAV and Makarov. On the way to the second compound Cortez uses the Helicopters weapons to shoot down Mi-24 ‘Hind’ Helicopters and destroy Truck Mounted AA Guns and BM-21 ‘Grad’ Launchers with its Igla AA Missiles and S25 Rockets respectively. Upon reaching the second compound the Ka-52 is shot down by a concentrated fire from Pantsir-S1 AA Platforms and ZPU AA Guns although Cortez and Dunn were able to escape using the vehicles canopy ejection systems.

More Ka-52s appear alongside Eurocopter Super Cougars and Combat Support Boats are used by Ryan McIver to harass the TF-141 after they infiltrate a Houbei Class Missile Boat during the level One Minute on the Clock. Later in the level the player can use a HK GMG mounted on a Combat Support Boat to destroy them as they attack Captain Price after you fall off the Missile Ship.


Right Trigger/Right One - Fire Selected Weapon

Left Trigger/Left One - Swap Weapons

Right Bumper/Right Two - Gain Altitude

Left Bumper/Left Two - Lock Altitude

Left Stick - Move Ka-52

Right Stick - Move Camera

Y/Triangle Buttons - Fire Auto Cannon


The Ka-52 is the equivalent to the Harrier Strike for the Russian, OpFor. Colombian and South African Factions. On arrival it fires rockets at the area marked by the player before using it’s canon to attack enemies that wander into its line of sight.


The Ka-52 is announced as Enemy/Friendly Helicopter Incoming

In Multiplayer the Ka-52 counts towards Enemy Helicopters Destroyed

The Ka-52 in Worst Case Scenario, despite having Russian Markings, is more similar to the variant used by the Israelis


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