The Ka-25 (NATO reporting name - Hormone) is a small naval helicopter propelled with a pair of counter turning rotors to eliminate the vulnerable tail blade and shorten it so they can be launched from Aircraft Carriers more easily. While generally used for reconnaissance and search and rescue missions the Ka-25 was also a deadly submarine hunter armed with torpedoes and depth charges as well as an advanced sensor package to detect submerged threats.


The Ka-25 'Hormone' Helicopter

Call of Duty: From the ColdEdit


A Ka-25 is seen searching for a salvage team in the level Under the Radar using its search light to locate them under the surface. The same helicopter appears later in the level after the Fuel Depot is destroyed by the SAS catching the player in it’s search light before being destroyed by the player. It is possible that the Ka-25 will appear later in the Soviet Union Campaign and possibly in the South Africa and Afghanistan follow up missions as well.


The Ka-25 may possibly appear in multiplayer as a kill-streak for the Soviet Union.


The Ka-25 in the trailer has a 20mm cannon under its nose, something that was removed for the actual game.

Captain Ross takes out the Ka-25 with a single shot through the cockpit. This is a homage to MacMillain taking down an Mi-28 with only a few shots.


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