"The world is asking one question... WHY did I nuke the United States? Well, the United States of America has had the world in a state of war since World War 2! By destroying America, the world is now free of American oppression! This is NOT the start of A WAR, it is the END OF ALL WARS!!"

-Zeus, sending his worldwide broadcast after America was destroyed by the Warheads

Sabir Al-Jaber

Zeus attempting to run from Jacks and Phoenix

Joseph Kirakznev, AKA Zeus, is the main antagonist of Call Of Duty: Nuclear Warfare. He appeared briefly at the end of Future Warfare, where he and the Global Terrorism Force [GTF] targeted Nuclear Facilities in Europe. The nukes were then launched at the United States of America, and all 20 nukes hit U.S. soil and blew up, destroying the entirety of America and leaving nothing but destruction and leaving every city in America in ruins.

2 years after America was destroyed by the Warheads, Zeus hid in his GTF Hideout in Sanatoria, Greece. He was put in charge of maintaining the GTF Network within the region, and managing his troops that were stationed in America, which was now called The Wasteland due to it's destruction.

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