Jason Mitchell
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern War 3
Rank Lt. Colonel
Affiliations US Marines
Nationality United States
Status Alive
Birth 10-20-2000
Sex Male
Height 5'4
Weight 215lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Race Human
Weapon P-90

9 millimeter Pistol

Equipment Knife

Grenades Flash bangs

Jason Mitchell is a United States Marine Lieutenant Colonel who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to a Military General and Colonel.

Early LifeEdit

Jason was born in Atlanta Georgia in 2000 and had a great childhood and wanted to be like, his father and mother to join the Military at age 19 in 2014 he was at school learning about Military history.

Boot Camp TrainingEdit

The day after he graduated from High School he went into basic training to follow in his father and mother's footsteps, and he was doing great in boot camp and learning well and being a great listener to other people in his training class that aren't doing well.


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