James Butler

Jack-jack in the US Army Base
Nickname(s) 'Jack-jack' (USMC)

'Phoenix' (TF141)

Rank Sergeant
Affiliations United States Marine Corps

Task Force 141

Status Alive
Birth June 15th, 2003
Death None
Weapon MP5/MP5K


Born in 1985, James Butler joined the British Armed forces in 2004 at the age of 19 along with his non-identical twin, Michael. He served in the Paratroopers, while his brother joined the Royal Marines. In 2007, they both applied for SAS Selection training, and passed. He participated in several operations as part of Delta Team, most notably in the Second Russian Civil War of 2011, where his team flew in as reinforcements for Captain Price's Team. In 2016, he and his brother were recruited into Task Force 141. He fought in the Brazilian Favela in an attempt to capture Alejandro Rojas, and participated in the operation to rescue Prisoner 627. He escaped execution at the hands of the Shadow Company and, along with two others, made it to England, where they sought refuge from the Authorities.

Second Russian Civil WarEdit

In 2011, James was part of Delta Team, one of several SAS Squads. They did not play a major role in the conflict, until Imran Zakhaev hijacked a Nuclear Missile Launch Facility. By the time the team arrived, however, Imran Zakhaev was dead, and the surviving Ultranationalist forces in the area were being mopped up by Loyalist troops. His team took the surviving SAS members, including John "Soap" Mactavish and Charlie Team, which included his brother, Michael.

The Russo-American WarEdit

In 2016, James had joined Task Force 141 along with his brother. He took part in the Favela Skirmish and the assault on The Gulag. James was sent to the Boneyard in Afghanistan to investigate a possible arms deal. It was, however, a trap. James, Frank Walker, and Samuel Henderson were separated from Price and MacTavish, and pinned down in an old aircraft hangar by Shadow Company forces. Eventually, utilising a stolen Jeep, they managed to escape the Boneyard, making their way to a local US Army base. The American soldiers gave the men refuge, not knowing that they had now been made wanted terrorists by General Shepherd. That night, the three hijacked a C-130 Gunship after it refuelled, and flew off. During the flight, he attempted to contact Ghost's team on the Caucasus Mountains, but got nothing. James then realised this meant that his brother was dead. The Gunship, running low on fuel, was forced to make an emergency landing in the French Countryside.Eventually, James managed to escape to England, where they sought refuge with his former training instructor, Lt. Ryan Adams. He is still in Hiding. He was in hiding for 4 months and heard that many 141 members died, including his friend, Kevin "Scarecrow" Wright.

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