Invasion of Stalingrad


Battle of the Bering Strait



Second Battle of Moscow

World War II


8th September 1945-January 5th 1945


Moscow, Russia


Axis Victory


Nazi Germany

The Soviet Union


Firern Drichto

  • Adolf Hitler (still alive in Axis Power Expansion Pack)
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Dmitri Pitrikinok (Deceased)
  • 500,000 Wehrmacht Army Units
  • 10,000 Artillery
  • 8500 Panzer Tanks
  • 7000 Aircraft
  • 3000 Italian Flying Units
  • 1,000,000 Soviet Soldiers
  • 4000 T34 Tanks
  • 5000 Aircraft
  • 5000 Artillery
  • KIA
  • 237,891 Wehrmacht Army Units
  • 1345 Panzer Tanks
  • 3,670 Aircraft
  • Wounded:
  • 6,589 Wehrmacht Forces
  • 789 Panzer Tanks
  • 189 Aircraft
  • KIA
  • 891,789 Soviet Army Units
  • 1,987,635 Civilians
  • 3789 T34 Tanks
  • 4328 Aircraft
  • Wounded:
  • 34,798 Soviet Army Units
  • 143 T34 Tanks
  • 234 Aircraft

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The Invasion of Moscow (also known as Operation: Storm) was the second invasion of Moscow by Nazi Germany. It involved Germany capturing Moscow once and for all. This battle is included in the Axis Power German campaign for three missions, The Gate, Breaking the Kremlin and Downpour. By the end of the battle, Germany captured Russia and ultimatly conquered 90% of Russia. Joseph Stalin was killed in this battle- causing a major surrender of 75% of the Soviet Union. Germany also gained Ukraine and Kahazastan in this battle. Young adult civilians were trained into the Wehrmacht soon afterwards. Many young boys willingly joined the Hitler Youth, as they were unaware of their enemy, or their allies.

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