Incineration is a death-streak unlocked at level 31 that destroys the weapon you were using at your time of death. Unlocking this Death Streak requires three deaths, two with Hardline Pro or Hardline Elite. Grenades and Secondary Weapons are unaffected by this Death Streak


Upon death an incendiary packet is activated that makes the weapon the player was using on time of death unusable. A secondary effect of the fire produced is that it does a small amount of damage when used in Hardcore Matches. When the player spawns and Incineration is activated a blue flame will appear for three seconds on the screen. When the player reaches Incineration Pro the player doesn’t drop a Scavenger Pack effectively negating the effect of the Scavenger Perk


As soon as the player gets a kill Incineration is deactivated until it is unlocked again by three successive deaths. This death streak is designed primarily to reduce Scavenger’s effectiveness as well as preventing an enemy from picking up particularly dangerous weapons that they normally wouldn’t process. Incineration is also a good way of protecting your team’s kill-streaks if you have a launcher or a weapon with a Laser Designator Attachment. One down side to this ability is it prevents you, or a team mate, resupplying from your dead body if they process the same weapon.

Unlocking Incineration Pro

The player is awarded a point every time they get their first kill with the same weapon incinerated in the previous death. Getting 10 kills unlocks Incineration II and 50 kills unlocks Incineration Pro IV. A call-sign Cremation is unlocked when a player reaches Incineration Pro X. Two challenges relate to Incineration; the first is Afterlife I to III where a player had to use a certain amount of Death Streaks, which unlocks the Orpheus Call Sign, with the Smoking Gun I to IV awarded for destroying your weapon 100 times unlocking the No Smokeing and Hell Fire Call Signs.

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