Flag of Identity
Banner of Identity
Leader(s) Alexander Pierce
Appears in Call of Duty: Wolf
Country France, Canada and United Kingdom
Type Secret Agency/Military
International Electrical Company (Disguise)
Active 1975 - 2050
Motto A warm light for man

"International Diplomatic Electronics, Networks and Technology Integration Truce Yielder" or for short Identity is a Global Military/Agency that destroyed the world's most important countries with nukes [America, France, Germany etc.], destroying America and most of Europe, and they conquered the rest of the world.

Experiments Edit

Over course of years, Identity experimented endless on various ways to increase their numbers without breeding all the time. By 2009, they worked Ultraviolet, Alpha and Beta technology and manage to create the device they always wanted. A Copy Digitizer, allowing them to create copies of anything including humans. This increased their numbers from 1000 to over 100'000'000. This gives them the edge in any situation.

Crimes Against Humanity Edit

After Australia and Iraq uncovered their twisted the truth, it was branded by Iraq and Australia, a criminal organization from outer space. Australia and Iraq don't list them as Terrorist, but as Extraterrestials.

List of crimes:

  • Mass Murder
  • Slavery
  • Abuse
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Global Terrorism
  • Nuclear Warhead Misuse

Ultraviolet research Edit

After the Raid, Identity replaced their Nuclear stock, and neutron-nuclear fusion with Ultraviolet materials, making Nuclear warheads out from Ultraviolet materials, naming their weapons UV Warhead. They one sole warhead in the silo called Identity UV-1

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