Icicle is a British TF-141 operative that appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame. He unfortunatly killed by a Russian Patrol shortly after the level Safe Haven begins.


Icicle is seen only in the beginning of the level Safe Haven as a member of Overwatch Team alongside Heron, Onyx, Huntsman and Amazon. As a Russian Squad approaches the team lie down in the snow and play dead to try and fool the troops. As the Russians investigate an explosion in the distance attracts their attention and they turn to leave, as the move out however a solider shoots Icicle with an M9 Handgun killing him instantly.


Icicle is cousins with British legend named Ozone and brothers with British veteran Scarecow.

He knows Blaze (from Bristol) pretty well because when he was in the Army Cadets Force in Oxford.

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