Hostage Crisis is the seventh level of Call of Duty: Covert Ops. The player once again takes control of Dirk Samson, who must get rescue prisoners for the Peruvian Resistance.


Juan and Samson sneek through the rainforest, searching for an enemy base. Samson uses an M1 carbine with an infrared scope and takes out two enemy patrols, both with dogs. After taking out the patrols, the two come to a fence at the boundary of the base. An enemy patrol comes by, and Samson can choose to let them go by or take them out. After the patrol is gone, the two slip over the fence and creep over to behind a tank. Samson uses his knife and takes out two enemies. Samson then goes around the base, planting Satchel Charges on two tanks and a helicopter. Juan then radios the rest of the Peruvian Resistance, and the attack begins. Samson detonates the Satchel Charges.

Mortar teams strike the base, opening a hole in the wall that Juan and Samson crawl through. Juan now gives Samson an AK-47 and the two fight forward. After clearing out the courtyard the two meet up with the rest of the resistance. They breach a door, and kill guards in the control room. Another resistance member stays behind to collect information and find out which room the hostages are in. Juan opens a trapdoor and Samson throws a grenade down it. After it explodes Juan, Samson, and two other members drop down. They continue to fight on a walkway, and search rooms. An enemy RPG takes out the supports, causing the walkway to collapse. One member falls to his death, while Juan, Samson and another escape. The RPG man is located and Samson kills him. The squad then climbs onto another walkway and continue.

The hostages are located in a janitorial room in a lower level. The three men fight their way to this level, and clear out all the Russians in the way. They make it the room, and breach it. A soldier tackles Samson, causing Samson to lose his weapon. Samson throws him away, but discovers that a man in an upper balcony is about to detonate the explosives in the room. Using a tomahawk, Samson kills him before he can do it. The team begins to untie the hostages.



  • It seems odd the Russians didn't kill the hostages when the resistance first entered the base.
  • This level bears some similarity to The Gulag and The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday.
  • On the side of the two tanks their names are etched. These are Rodina! and Sasha's Chariot. These are the names of the same tanks in the World at War level Blood and Iron. 

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