Hawaii is a level of Call of Duty 9. The player controls as he tries to prevent Titanium Shipping from reaching a bomb underneath the missile defense system in Honolulu.


After realizing that Hanonov is after the detonator to a bomb underneath the missile defense system, ISA operators Revere, Hops, Keeper, and Spartan are sent to stop his army. They touch down in an airfield, where they meet other American soldiers. They fight incoming soldiers to the front lines, where Sgt. Crosby informs them the men are pinned down by enemy machine guns on a building. The ISA attempt to flank the nest, and fight through several fields. They enter the building, clear it out, and kill the machine gunners. The Americans move up, but their are several incoming tanks. Hops picks up a MILAN and shoots rockets at the tanks. An incoming plane forces them to jump off the building. Command tells them enemy artillery is preventing them from sending planes, so the ISA leads the Americans to an artillery emplacement. They destroy the guns, and now have air support.

The Americans continue to the objective, but face enemy opposition. Using the air support, they soften the enemies just enough to enter trenches. They clear them out, and reach the missile base. They clear it out, and discover soldiers are already underground. They go inside the tunnel, and fight their way to the end. They find the bomb, and discover it has been activated. Spartan manages to lessen the impact, but it will explode in 4 minutes. The ISA fight through incoming Titanium, but are nearly overwhelmed. A stray RPG hits the bomb, detonating it at half capacity. The ISA use this to fight back, but the tunnel starts to collapse. Realizing their not going to make it, they climb through a hole in the roof. The ground begins collapses, and they run out in the missile shield. They see their is only one left.

Command tells them they need to protect the missile shield. Aided by Sgt. Crosby's forces, they fight off incoming troops, but tanks, trucks, planes, and helicopters are thrown at them. Sgt. Crosby and his soldiers are killed, and troops overwhelm their positions. Command tells them that defeat is inevitable, and need to hitail to the fleet. Revere launches a missile at their current location, and the ISA sprint for the incoming helicopter. They fight and run through all the enemies, reaching the helicopter. Hops mans the machine gun and fires on enemies. Before they get far enough away, the missile impacts and sends shockwaves in all directions. The helicopter is sent spinning, but regains composure. It flies off to the incoming fleet to prevent it from firing on the now unprotected United States.

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