Ground Attack is a Killstreak reward from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame's Multiplayer. It is the spiritual descendent of the Harrier Strike from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The Ground Attack Killsteak is earned by gaining seven kills (six with the Hardline Perk) and calls in either a Harrier Jump Jet or a Ka-52 depending on which faction you are allied with. This Killstreak has two stages of attack the Bombardment Phase and the Turret Phase.

The Ground Attack Killstreak Reward Marker

Multiplayer UseEdit

Bombardment PhaseEdit

Navy Seals/Shadow Company/TF-141/US Rangers - Two Harriers fly over and bomb (in a similar way to the Airstrike Killstreak) a designated area highlighted on the command laptop that calls in the strike.

Cartel/OpFor/South Africans/Spetsnaz - A Ka-52 hovers above the battlefield and fires a salvo of rockets on the area designated by the command laptop. At this stage the Ka-52 is invincible and can't be shot down by regular gunfire or ground bases launchers.


The Harrier Jump Jet

Turret PhaseEdit

All Factions - The Harrier/Ka-52 opens fire with it's cannons on the highlighted spot, hovering at a fixed altitude for fifty seconds. During this time it may juke to get a better angle but won't move until the timer runs out or a new target is 'lazed' by the Laser Designator. From the moment the vehicles arrive they have 3000HP and are exposed to enemy fire with bullets doing 0.5 damage per hit, RPG and AT4 rounds doing 2100 damage and rounds fired from the FIM-92 Stinger, FGM-148 Javelin and MILAN AT Launcher doing 3200 damage. In addition the Harrier and Ka-52 are vulnerable to fire from the AC-130s 105mm Cannon with a single shot able to knock them from sky. While generally restricted to using their canons to take out targets both vehicles will switch over to rockets if they detect or are lazed vehicular targets.


The Ka-52 Helicopter


Both factions announce the arrival of the Ka-52 as an "Allied/Enemy Harrier incoming" this is probably an overlooked feature by Infinity Ward

In addition to the misidentification the Ka-52 appears as a Harrier on the mini map

The Harrier uses the 'Russian Harrier' camouflage from Modern Warfare 2 with the tail art changed to show a US flag

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