Got Their Hands Tied is the second level of Call of Duty 9. It follows Sgt. Dean "Hops" Hunter as the Intelligence Activities Division fights off a PRME attack in Afghanistan.


Cpt. Vauson brings Hops to his feet. They climb out of a trench and find themselves in the middle of a harsh battle. Command tells them PRME soldiers have broken through a central trench. The two soldiers fight there and clear the soldiers out, pushing them back into a field. Two BTRs come, and Hops fights his way to an overturn truck. In the back are several RPGs which he uses to destroy the tank. Enemies close in on them, so Hops uses an RPG to blow up the truck, delaying the PRME and allowing the two to access an underground trench. They crawl out of it and continue to fight.

Command alerts them to a gap has opened up and the US are evacuating out it. The PRME converge on this gap, meaning they have to fight through it. They use several sand dunes as cover, and slowly push forward. They fight through a camp, and after killing everybody they make it out. They attempt to get into a car to get away, but a Hind prevents their escape. Remembering the RPGs, Hops crawls back down the underground trench, now filled with enemies. He takes some RPGs, and fights back. The Hind starts shooting at him, causing the trench to collapse. He runs through it, but runs into a soldier in the process. He kills the soldier just before the trench comepletely collapses. He destroys the Hind, allowing the IAD to get into the cars and get away.

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