The GBU-28 is an armor piercing laser guided bomb nicknamed Deep Throat. Designed to penetrate up to 6m of Concrete this weapon was designed to expose underground command centres but despite being produced in large quantities has only been used twice since it’s creation in 1991.

Da Bomb

GBU-28 'Deep Throat' Bunker Buster Bomb

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


A GBU-28 is dropped in Objective Kilo at the back of the Kremlin to reveal an underground Russian Command Centere. The bomb itself is delivered by a F111 ‘Aardvark and guided in by Ramirez, Foley and Kamarov shining the area with their Laser Designators. A few GBU-28s can also be seen being loaded onto a truck at the beginning of Rolling Thunder at Camp Flashlight.


GBU-28s can be seen as scenery items in Sun Spot. They also appear as the bomb in Search and Destroy and Demolition.


Even if you don’t shine the target area the F111 will still drop the GBU-28


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