A map of Africa is shown. It zooms on Cairo, and onto a telephone booth.

WATCHTOWER: Echo 1, we have analyized the data you have sent us. It appears that a former IRA member, Jonah Thorpe, has been overlooking Titanium Shipping operations from Africa to Ireland.

Information on Thorpe is shown.

HANOVER: What do you want us to do with him?

WATCHTOWER: We're going to leave Thorpe to the Americans. But we have a new mission for you.

The map then goes to a location in the middle of Africa. It is located in the deep of a jungle.

WATCHTOWER: There is a Titanium Shipping plant located there. Thorpe has made several visits there, and we want information on him.

HANOVER: But how we gonna get there?

WATCHTOWER: In the northeastern part of Cairo we have a contact that is part of Flying Carpet, a local airline. He'll fly you there.

A large number of soldiers is seen approaching Cairo.

WATCHTOWER: One more thing. Watch out for all the soldiers.

Cutscene ends.

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