Flying Carpet
Previous level Pharoah's Tomb
Next level Attack Force
Game Call of Duty 9
Character William Thomas
Team Special Boat Service
Weapons HK416 w/Red Dot Sight


Place Cairo, Egypt
Date May 11, 2013
Enemies Titanium Shipping
Multiplayer map Marketplace

Flying Carpet is the fifth level of Call of Duty 9. The player controls SBS Sgt. William Thomas. The objective is to escape Cairo onboard a plane.


Thomas, Johnson, and Hanover are told by Watchtower that to escape Cairo they must meet up a contact at Flying Carpet airlines. They drive in a car through Cairo, hoping to avoid soldiers. They come to a blockade, however, and are forced to escape the car. The three kill all the soldiers at the blockade, and run for cover as more trucks come in. They head into a crowded business area, where civilians scream and run, making it hard for both groups to aim. The three head up a road, beating back heavy resistance. A tank comes at them, so they take a right into a marketplace. The fight against enemies, all the while being attacked by the tank. After fighting through the marketplace the tank rolls through, crushing the stalls. The squad exits through a narrow alleyway, ending the tank's assault. Soldiers repel down helicopters, so they battle through them.

They come around a corner, and fight through a heavy blockade of soldiers. A couple of jeeps roll up the street, and they continue to fight. After kill the jeep soldiers they go down a street, killing squads of soldiers. After blowing their way through another marketplace, they come to the airport which is under assault from Titanium Shipping soldiers. The SBS team aid their contact, Mohammed, and clear a path to the plane. The plane suffers damage, so Thomas goes out to fix it.

Thomas uses a wrench to fix the plane while using an Uzi to shoot at the incoming enemies. The tank they saw earlier begins to roll toward them, so Thomas goes to fix the missile launchers. After fighting the several troops that broke into the building, he fixes the missile launchers and heads back inside the plane. He controls the missiles, destroying the tank, several trucks, and jeeps. He then controls a machine gun, killing soldiers as the plane rolls forward. A jeep rolls up to the side of the plane and tries to open the door, so Thomas destroys the jeep but is knocked out of the plane in the process. He sprints toward a motorcycle, and drives it toward the plane. At the last second the motorcycle is knocked over, so Thomas continues running toward the plane. As the plane lifts off he grabs Hanover's hand, and he hoists him in. The plane then flies away from Cairo.

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