Flashback is the first level of Call of Duty: Covert and takes place in 1940, 13 years before the main plot of the game. The objective is the rescue Leon Trotsky before Spetsnaz operatives get to him in Mexico City.


Riding in an early helicopter prototype, Lt. Patrick Garnett (playable character), Sgt. Johnson, and Cpt. Fisher hover over Mexico City before rappelling out of the helicopter. They rendevous with the Mexican Army, and make their way on the rooftops before coming to Trotsky's hideout. As the group greets him, rockets are shot at the building, and Spetsnaz break into the building. Garnett stalls the Spetznas as the rest of the group escapes through a walkway. The group continues to fall back, picking of Spetnaz as they continue.

The group makes their way down an alley before being blocked by Spetznas cars. Force to move into an adjacent building, they fight Spetsnaz operatives that are firing through the windows. After killing more operatives inside, the group moves to the top and begins to race across the rooftops. A Russian sniper pins the squad down, which allows the rest of the Russians to catch up. Garnett fires a bazooka at the sniper, killing him, and kills more operatives before jumping on to another building.

They jump into an apartment building, which is filled with Spetsnaz. After fighting their way through, a tank comes over and destroys the aparment, and the squad barely makes it out. Out of bazooka rockets, Garnett pushes through Soviet defenders and plants a bomb on the tank, destoying it and the surrounding operatives. The squad continues their push forward, mowing down even more Spetsnaz. After making their way through morre alleys, a US Pilot announces that they will be leaving in no more than five minutes.

The squad moves at a faster rate, desperately clearing any resistance. Coming to an end of a dead end, Russian operatives move toward them and pin them down. Garnett stalls the Spetsnaz while Fisher plants a bomb on the wall. The bomb finally explodes, and the squad runs toward a plane on the runway while Spetsnaz operatives chase them from behind. The squad barely makes on to the plane, and the plane leaves Mexico City with Trotsky intact.

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