The Flame Trooper is a new enemy featured in the Spec Ops mode of Call of Duty 9. These soldiers armed with flamethrowers and a variety of other weapons.

Call of Duty 9Edit

Flame Troopers appear in several Special Operation missions as well as Survival Mode. Unlike Juggernauts they attempt to stay away from the player and attack them from a distance with their flamethrower. For protection, they wear a Ballistic Vest. Fortunately, their flamethrowers must cool down every so often, and during this time they will fire either a LMG or pistol. Flame Troopers appear in the campaign mission Attack Force, where they protect Sabir Al-Jaber.

Flame Troopers come in three variants: the Regular one who is also armed with a G18, the Heavy Weapons which are armed with a M60E4, and a Shieled version which is armed with a Riot. Flame Troopers have the ability to dual wield these weapons with their Flame Thrower, making a deadly combination. When killed they will not drop their flamethrowers, but they drop their other weapon. Flame Troopers are also armed with Molotov Cocktails and Gas Grenades, and have the unique ability to light the gas on fire. In Survival mode, if you have the Gas Mask perk you will be immune to the gas.

The Flame Troopers' main weakness are attacks from behind. While they can take lots of damage from the front, their fuel tank is exposed. A couple of rounds from a sniper rifle or shotgun or a clip of ammunition from an assault rifle will cause the tank to explode, killing the Flame Trooper and any soldiers around him.


  • Killing a Flame Trooper will give the Firefighter achievement/trophy.
  • The Flame Trooper emblem in multiplayer can be unlocked for killing 50 enemies damaged by your gas grenade.
  • The maximum number of Flame Troopers per wave is only 2.
  • Flame Troopers can walk through the gas on fire without getting damaged.

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