Evac is the sixth level of Call of Duty: Covert Ops. The play controls Sgt. Nick Williams as he and his squad try to escape the Yucatan Peninsula.


Lt. Daniel, Sgt. Williams and the rest of the CIA are still trying to escape the Yucatan Peninsula. The group enters a town filled with communists. After fighting their way through, Williams picks up a Bazooka and destroys a road block, allowing the team to continue forward. Tanks roll in, and Williams uses Satchel Charges to destroy the tanks. After a rocket shellshocks the group, Daniel orders Williams to go to the top of a building to destroy an incoming helicopter. After fighting his way through, Williams defeats a soldier in a hand-to-and fight. Williams then destroys the helicopter, but not before the helicopter shoots rockets at the building. As the building collapses, Williams jumps on to another rooftop, just in time. Williams fights his way to the bottom.

The squad comes to the docks, where Command tells them the ship cannot dock until artillery batteries off the shore are destroyed. They hop on a Zodiac and shoot communists in other Zodiacs. Williams places Satchel Charges on all six artillery pieces, and detonates. When it is discovered that the docks are full of communists, the plan is changed and the group must ride their Zodiacs to the ship. After being chased, their Zodiac collides with another one. Williams is injured, and barely is able to swim. Finding an AK-47, he gets on a ladder on the side of the ship. Williams and Daniel fight off communists until they reach the deck.


Fighting between CIA and communists are shown.

DANIEL: Command, Garnett, where's the evac?

COMMAND: It's on its way. Hold on, Foxtroy 1-1.

DANIEL: Hurry up, or else the commies are gonna be serving are asses on plates.

COMMAND: A boat is waiting at the coast that will pick you guys up. Just get there soon.

DANIEL: We're on our way. Foxtrot out.

Cutscene ends.

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