Emergence is the first zombie map in the Insurgency Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2. The level is based on "Team Player", as you start in the school and you can also wander around the whole village. There is also a lot of weapons for low costs, so this is an easy map for beginners.


This is a zombie map, 1 of the 5 in MW2. You play as Joseph Allen, Foley, Dunn, or Shepherd. It is based on the campaign mission "Team Player" obviously if you look around the map.

You start in the school's first floor in a medium-sized area, with 3 classrooms. Once you pay $750 to clear the debris blocking the hallway, you approach a stairway. At the top you must pay $1000 for the debris to be cleared. Once you get to the end of the hallway you jump out and are out of the school. You can go around the entire village. However, a medium-sized building with a SCAR-H in front of it will require you to pay $1150 to get into it. The power is in the third room, at the very end of the building. Then, go back to the teleporter in the room where you started the level and go in the teleporter. You will exit it in a dark tunnel, however you have a laser to guide you through the tunnel. Pay $1500 to enter the hangar, and there are about 15 vehicles. On one of them, there is a shotgun, which you can get attached to your gun. This will help in later rounds, and it usually kills a zombie in 1-2 shots.


Starting LoadoutEdit

You start out with an M1911.


Weapons PurchasableEdit

In the starting room you can find these weapons:


M14 EBR: $500


M1014: $500

In the hallway after you breach the door you can find these weapons:


Mini-Uzi: $1000


MP5K: $1000


UMP45: $1000

After you breach the stairway you can find these weapons:


FAMAS: $1000


Vector: $1250

After you get outside you can find these weapons:


Claymores: $750


SCAR-H: $1250

In the power building you can find these weapons:


TAR-21: $1250


FAL: $1300

When you go into the teleporter, which leads you to a tunnel, you can find these weapons:


F2000: $1300


P90: $1500

Once you get into the hangar you can find the shotgun attachment on one of the trucks. You must pay $750 to get this on your current gun:


If you go to the far right of the village you should see a dead U.S. Ranger. His corpse should have a free M4A1 for you:


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