Echo is a British TF-141 operative that appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame. Echo appears in Safe Haven as part of the Extraction Team and dies near the end of the level as the other operatives escape.


Echo’s first appearance is after Heron, Onyx, Huntsman and Amazon base jump down to the Russian Relay Station. Heron instructs Echo to follow them into the Ice Tunnels in the search for Loyalist Personnel. Shortly after discovering Captain Price and Captain MacTavish the TF-141 fled in a stolen Bandvagn 206S. As they neared Nikolai’s Mi-26 the Bandvagn was destroyed by an RPG-7 with Echo dying in the explosion.


Echo shares the same voice actor as Archer

Many players speculated that Archer and Echo where the same person and that the former had only changed his call-sign. Evidence from Loose Ends seemed to support this but ultimately the fate of him and Toad is revealed in Recent History

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