Demolitionist is a brand-new Wager Match game mode of Modern Warfare 2.

How to PlayEdit

This mode is based on another Wager Match, Sharpshooter. All players start out with 3 Claymores. When they get a kill with them, they receive a Riot Shield. After getting another kill, they receive a Javelin, which can be used for taking down enemy killstreaks. (see the killstreaks section) After getting another kill, finally, they get a not just mobile, but mountable M240. Players are able to run out of ammo, and you can only pick up Claymore ammo from dead players. If you are killed, you have to start again with only the 3 Claymores and you'll have to make your way back up. At the end, the players with the most points win COD points. You get 100 points for a kill, 150 if you get a kill with a mounted M240, and 200 if you get a kill from your killstreak or if you shoot down an enemy killstreak.


4: Attack Helicopter

5: Harrier Strike

6: Chopper Gunner (NOTE: On the ground, you are invincible while utilizing this)



You start out with 3 Claymores.


After getting a kill with the Claymores you get a Riot Shield for protection.


After getting another kill with the Claymores you get a Javelin to shoot down enemy killstreaks.


Getting yet another kill with the Claymores or with the Javelin you get an M240 that can be mounted and un-mounted.

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