Damian Parr, AKA Jackal, is a character in Call Of Duty: WOLF, and is the son of Dashiell Robert Parr. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and wears a black rain coat with shotgun shells, rifle mags and 5 knives strapped to it. He often has the hood of the coat over his head, and has a black ski mask with a white Incredibles symbol with knives and guns on the side of the symbol. He was born on July 15th, 2015 to Dash and Jessica, and when he was 11, his mother was murdered by thugs, and he and his father got out. He then developed a mental condition and started many fights at school, even beating a teacher and 10 year old classmate with a chair. He also wrote graffiti on the wall of the school and vandalized property. He was cold and distant to many people, apart from his father and an 11 year old girl named Cora. At age 16, he was rehabilitated of his emotions [after he attacked 4 psychiatrists, killing 1 of them].

One night, on August 15th, 2031, the 15th anniversary of World War 3, Damian turned to vigilante work. He got a ski mask from a local store and found the perfect rain coat in a store to terrify the criminals of the city. After customizing his coat to make it more terrifying, and spraying the ski mask, he effectively became... The Black Hood.

At first, he was just a small time vigilante with switchblades and other basic melee weapons, but he looted the various criminals he stopped, eventually gaining £20,000 and being able to buy a silenced M4A1 TECH Assault Rifle, going with more lethal methods.

A few days later, one a very rainy night, Damian found the thugs that killed his mother, and after tailing them on the roof for a few minutes, he found out that a major narcotics deal is going on between the local gangs and the Nicaraguans, run by Raul Menendez's son, Jose Menendez.

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