Da Grande is the eight level of Call of Duty: Covert Ops. The player controlled is Dirk Samson as he and the Peruvian Resistance attack a Russian compound to capture Da Grande, Palaskov's right hand man.


Using stolen helicopters from the Russian prison, the resistance attacks the base. Samson pilots the helicopter and using the machine gun and rockets, destroys the Russian artillery, tanks, and watchtowers. Another helicopter begins combat with Samson's, but Samson manages to destroy it. After clearing out the helipad, Samson lands the helicopter. The rest of the resistance land and begin the rest of the attack.

The team race to get to the other side of the base to get to Da Grande. Samson throws smoke grenades to get past several machine gun nests. Samson then clears out two more after. Up ahead, the resistance enters a large yard filled with enemies. Using a dropped Mosin-Nagant, Samson clears out several machines guns. The team then clears out the rest of the soldiers. All of a sudden, a tank comes in and shoots at the squad. After clearing out the soldiers that get out if, Samson uses decoy grenades to confuse the tankers. Samson must continue to throws decoys until Juan finishes planting a Satchel charge on the tank. The tank then blows up, and the team continues forward.

After clearing out the last of the base, the team come to a garage to see Da Grande leave in a truck. The resistance get on other trucks and chase after him. Samson covers the truck, shooting at other Russian trucks. After clearing out an oncoming Russian convoy, Samson uses an RPG and launches it at cliff, blocking off a road forcing the target to come to a dead end. Da Grande's jeep stops and he begins to fire at the squad with a PPSh-41. While ducking under the windshield, Samson must throw a stun grenade through the windshield. However, he cannot see Da Grande. After he throws it, he automatically comes out of the car. If the explosion stunned Da Grande, Samson will come up and knock out him. If it doesn't, Da Grande will kill him.

After knocking out Da Grande, the resistance drag him into a corner to begin interrogating him.



  • Da Grande's PPSh has unlimited ammo, so he will never reload even if the player does nothing.
  • If the player does nothing at the end, the car will eventually explode. Instead of the usual message when you get killed by an exploding car, it says that you need to throw the stun.

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