Call of Duty: Black Ops
Black Ops vs. Spetsnaz
The Rusalka, in the Gulf of Mexico
Console Codename (PC)
Singleplayer Map

"Cruiser" is a large-sized multiplayer map in the Final Firefight map pack for Black Ops. It is based on the campaign mission "Redemption."


"Cruiser" is classified as a large-sized map, as it is the Rusalka from the campaign. There are two sides of the boat. On the east is a helicopter landing pad, with a helicopter on it. On the first side of the ship is a straight path to a door, which you take stairs to get to, however, you cannot go into this door. On the second side of the boat are lots of fuel barrels and debris, with another door you can go in to. But, this area is very small, so it is advised not to come in here often.

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