Condor 1 is the call-sign for a military advisor working with the Colombian Army, in a similar fashion to Overlord in the Ranger Missions, often offering Intel and assigning new Objectives to Captain Marcellus and his team.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


Condor 1 can be heard throughout the level Supply and Demand updating Captain Marcellus and his team. He is first called in when Marcellus, Sergeant Cortez and Private 1st Class Redueriis have finished securing documentation and are searching for Eduardo Perez. Later Cortez and Redueriis enter the fields and ask Condor 1 to do a scan for friendly units who reveals that there are no allied forces in the area, effectively designating everybody else as an enemy. As the fields begin to burn Cortez is contacted by Captain Kyle "Heron" Rickland but Condor 1 reveals that the Colombian Army has no record of the conversation.

A Boeing ScanEagle can often be seen flying over the Plantation House and Fields. It is speculated that this UAV is sending information back to Condor 1 so he can update the troops in real time.

Spec OpsEdit

Condor 1 often supplies information, such as not swapping to an unsilenced weapon or how far the player is form completing the mission, in the spec ops levels Snake in the Grass, Counter Sniper and Drag Race.


Condor 1 is voiced by Chilean Actor Juan Falcón who also voices the Unnamed Colombian General in Supply and Demands Cutscene and the Colombian Drug Cartel Multiplayer Announcer

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