Lt. Daniel Oliver


Lt.Oliver in Washington D.C

2nd Lt. Daniel Jacob Oliver was born in Detroit, Michagan in October 3rd, 1986. He was raised in a small family. When he turned 14 his family moved to Portland, Maine and went to college there.


'When Daniel turned 19 he joined the Us army rangers he fought in operation enduring freedom and iraqi freedom then reassigned to Arabia to Fight Opfor after the Opfor exploded the nuke he joined the green berets and went to korea on several missions when the opfor invaded afganistan he fought with pvt. allen in afghanistan and ramierez in the us. He then joined task force 141 right after the Russians retreated from D.C. H'e later took part in the events of mw3. He contiued fighting all over the world with TF 141 until he exited 141 and joined delta force and fought in the events of future warfare. Daniel eventually began working with 141 again and fought through many wars still part of the task force and delta he became a colonel before retiring.


He often is seen carrying an ACR.

He is 6'2'ft and 208 lbs

He seems to like rock and metal music


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