The Casspir is a Mine Protected Armoured Vehicle created in the 80s by South Africa to ferry troops safely across mine-fields and through highly unstable areas. Since its introduction the Casspir’s V shaped hull has inspired the design of other mine protected vehicles.


In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

The Casspir has two appearances in the campaign so far, both times being utilized by the South African Mercenary Coalition against the TF-141. The first appearance is in The Raven’s Trail where two Casspirs block a street as the TF-141 peruse Alexander Clarke through the streets of Pretoria. Later on in the level three more Casspirs appear and suppress Captain MacTavish, Amazon and Jackal as they flee from the South African Police. Using an M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher Amazon destroys two of the Casspirs before helping MacTavish take the other before using it to smash through a police roadblock.

During the level Barrier of Spears the Casspir has fewer appearances, first harassing Captain MacTavish and Huntsman as they cut through a perimeter fence and then being used as a mobile shield by Onyx to allow the others to advance to the garage. This Casspir is later destroyed by an Eland Mk9 rendering the vehicle immobile and forcing the TF-141 to advance unprotected to the garage. At least five more Casspirs are found inside the Garage but are not used for or against the TF-141. Casspir's appear in Worst Case Scenario alongside Yamaha Grizzly 450 and Griffon 2000TDs and are used by the player and the Ultranationalists to cross the Korean DMZ


Two destroyed Casspirs appear in the map Flyover and three destroyable Casspirs also appear in the map Game Preserve. A variant of the Casspir has been seen driving through Progress suggesting it may be part of a Killstreak for the South African Faction.


The Casspir appears to have at least three different models, an unarmed model with white paintjob, an model with white paintjob and a mounted machine gun, and an armed model with camouflage paint and Auto Cannon.

The Casspir’s high ground clearance, intended to keep the passengers safe from landmines, means that the TF-141 could have crawled under them instead of going through the alleys instead

Despite being an armored vehicle the Casspir is seemingly very vulnerable to the M32s Grenades

The Casspir in Barrier of Spears is invincible until it is scripted to be destroyed


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