Sam in Anchorage 2025

Sergeant Samuel 'Sam' Scott was a USMC soldier for a brief 4 months before the Global Nuke Detonation which almost destroyed the world. He also fought in the New Coalition War against IDENTITY. He has auburn hair, green eyes, and is 6"1. His main weapon is a M4A1 TECH Rifle with a Grenade Launcher and an ACOG Scope.
Samuel 'Sam' Scott
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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Caucasian Amercan
Faction The Resistance
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Status Alive
Location Classified

Early Life and Service in the New Coalition WarEdit

Samuel Scott was born on December 12th, 2003. He grew up in the colder parts of America, where it was ALWAYS snowing badly. In 2019, he was recruited into the USMC at the age of 16, and he was one of the thousands of troops sent to stop a global nuclear launch, which would destroy the entire United States and most of Europe. This mission almost failed, but the bombs were stopped. However, just before the team exited Paris, a long-range V4 Nuclear Rocket blew up, and sent a shockwave that destroyed everything in the city [buildings, skyscrapers, and even the Eifel Tower. Sam managed to escape on his helicopter, but all other troops, apart from him and his squad, died after they're helicopters crashed.

A Worldwide Emergency News Report stated that thousands of nukes were launched after Paris was destroyed, and these thousand of Nukes destroyed America, Germany, France, the UK, and many other important countries across the world, sending the entire globe into chaos.

The ArkEdit

After the Worldwide Nuclear Crisis had settled, only 5 billion people were left on Earth, as the nukes killed 2 billion people, but these 5 billion people came together and built the ARK, a huge city that covered all of France. The occupants of The ARK, however, succumbed to sickness and death in the polluted streets while the founders of The ARK live in luxury, and this tyranny caused the ARK Resistance to be created.

Operation: SabotageEdit

(To Be Continued)

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