Call of the Battlefield is the first game made after Dice and IW joined forces

The campaign contains 21 missions, these are


First day already?

Airport Air-Raid

Final Takedown

Cry of No Man's Land

Are we there yet?

The Boneyard


Rude Awakening


Death From Above


Time Will Tell

Fear The Reaper

Semper Fi

The Tip of The Bullet

Now What?


The Final Stand

Our Last Chance


The multiplayer was run by a mixture of the MW3 engine, Frostbite 2 engine and the Unreal engine.

It has 75 levels per prestige and there are 12 prestiges.

The weapons are

Wunderwaffe DG-3 (Level 74)

Thundergun (Level 59)

MP40 (Level 6)

Max Wave Gun (Level 51)

PPSh 41 (Level 12)

UMP45 (Level 27)

Ray Gun (Level 48)

Intervention (Level 36)

Lancer (Level 61)

AKS 74u (Level 39)

M4A1 (Level 71)

Winter's Fury (Level 34)

Hammerburst (Level 68)

M2 Flamethrower (Level 17)

M40A3 (Level 2)

Model 1887 (Level 54)

USAS-12 (Level 31)

Tracer Dart Gun (Level 62)

It also contains Firefight Survival Mode and a Forge Map Maker that rewards the player with points to buy perks.

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