Call of Duty: Liberation Edit

Set during the Russian invasion of America, Russian forces are attempting to capture New York City, but the S.A.S., US army rangers and the navy S.E.A.L.S. won't give up without a fight. Based mainly around the S.A.S. conflict with the Russians it tells the un-heard story of the Battle of New York.  

Characters Edit

  • Sergeant Jack "Jester" Evans: British 22nd S.A.S. grandson of WW2 hero Sergeant Jack Evans who was in COD1. Sent to New York to assist in the taking of the Hudson River and evacuate a high ranking individual.
  • Private Jacob Dawson: Navy seal new to the action. 
  • Corporal Joseph Miller: Army ranger. Veteran of the Russian Civil War.
  • Captain Nixon: head of the S.A.S. team. veteran of the falklands, gulf and russian civil war. has a mysterious background.
  • leftenant isacc narville: second in command of the S.A.S. close friends with jester.
  • corporal michael clarkson: second in command of the S.E.A.L.S.
  • sergeant alex malarkey: squad leader of the rangers.
  • captain nikolai broznichev: leader of the spetsnaz special forces.
  • Delta: the high ranking indavidual.

 "fall of liberty." day 1 ,00:00, new york, sergeant evans, 22 S.A.S. regimentEdit

the city was nothing but a battlefield. the hole of new york city had been turned into the Russians last line of defence against the advancing American troops. there attack had been foiled by crack divisions o mainly american troops but America had allies, the most powerful of whom was the british. they had sent fifty thousand trrops over to expell the russians from the US

"alone in the dark" day 1, 00:00, new york city, private jacob dawson, U.S. navy S.E.A.L.S. Edit

the city seemed to be on fire. the hole city was nothing but fire, rubble and smoke. so far jacob dawson had been stationed in hawii and had not seen the battle up close. but now he could see the damage to his home. he hoped his sister had got out alive but something in the back of his mind made him think the worse. 

"Bastards!"  corporal clarkson whispered.

"don't worry, clarkson, the fuckers will get what they deserve." sergeant jones said.

the S.E.A.L.S. were here to help out an S.A.S. team sent to destroy the dock that had been built on the river hudson.