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Call of duty: battle for earth

call of duty: battle for earth is a first person shooter for PS3, XBOX, PC, nintendo wii, wii u and PSvita created by infinity ward and published by activition. it is the tenth game in the call of duty series and the third year of call of duty: ELITE (not counting black ops trial)


the game is set in the near future of 2027, aliens had landed on earth, they became allies and gave us new resorces and technologies. The aliens were welcomed into china by the Chinese goverment and the aliens became citisens of China. In early 2027 china and the aliens combined forces begun and attack on the rest of the world, demanding world domination, but the aliens have bigger plans... Earthstrike.


call of duty: ELITE carries on with another 10 month content callender of maps, camo, missions and updates.

see: Call of duty: ELITE calender


  • note: characters in bold are playable*


  • Lt. Carter
  • sgt.L.Gilbert
  • sgt.J.Gilbert
  • cpl. monk
  • cpl. kava
  • pvt. becks


  • pelton
  • scar
  • spring
  • ice
  • dust


  • cpt: Batcholor
  • sgt: woodwood
  • sgt. hickey
  • Ssgt. gibbs
  • pvt. Green


there are 5 modes in the game


the campaign mode featured in all of the call of duties, defeat the chinese and defend eathstrike.

see: campaign (battle for earth)


play online, split-screen or private matches.

see: multiplayer (battle for earth)

spec opsEdit

complete extra missions past the campaign.


survive multiple waves of enemies for as long as possible


create custom objective and senarios in your own missions to share online and play with freinds.


BFE follows the new pointstreak system implemented in mordern warfare 3.


the standard system with killstreaks that reward you with more kills.

  • UAV (3 kills)
  • care package (4 kills)
  • preditor missile (5 kills)
  • IMS (5 kills)
  • airstrike (6 kills)
  • secure care package (6 kills)
  • weapon crate (9 kills)
  • attack durocopter (7 kills)
  • triple strike (8 kills)
  • remote sentry (9 kills)
  • assualt drone (10 kills)
  • armoured durocopter (14 kills)
  • power suit (14 kills)
  • Arial assualt (17 kills)


support are pointstreaks that help your team, it has been changed from mw3 so it does reset upon death, but you get 2 points for capyuring objectives.

  • UAV (3 kills)
  • ammo crate (3 kills)
  • counter UAV (4 kills)
  • ballistic vests (4 kills)
  • airdrop trap (5 kills)
  • sentry gun (5 kills)
  • care package (5 kills)
  • SAM turret (7 kills)
  • advanced UAV (8 kills)
  • emergency airdrop (8 kills)
  • grenader sentry (10 kills)
  • escort airdrop (14 kills)
  • EMP (17 kills)


this rewards players with perks to become a super soildier.

  • 1st perk (2 kills)
  • 2nd perk (4 kills)
  • 3rd perk (6 kills)
  • all perks (8 kills)


earthstrike is the BFE equevilant of a MOAB, it kills all members of the opposing team, gains a 30 second EMP and gives the player double XP for the next round. (25 kills)

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