Call of Duty the Halo Awakens is a Game which releases in 2021

Timeline: from 743 AD to 2126 (Call of Duty 1) and 743 AD to 3065 (Call of Duty Guardian Centuries)

Plot: In the Year 743 AD the Battlefield begins so the Peace Prevention Imperial is formed.

Primary Weapons:

Assault Rifles - Type-97, Fate, Justice, ADE-71, ACR 6.8, ARX-160, AN-94, AE4, AK-47, AKM, AK-12, FFAR, Flatline MK2, Volk, Honey Badger, HVK-30, IMR, ICR-1, XR2, KBAR-32, KN-44, R3K, NV4, Maverick, M43A1, M42E, MA5A, M8A1, M8A7, M82A3, Man-O-War, M16, MTAR, M14, M4A1 Tech, MP44, LV8 Basilisk, and VEPR

Carbines - AK-74U, AKU-12, Type-2, BAL-27, MA5K, M4A1, Peacemaker, and 7G-02

Battle Rifles - BR55, MK14 EBR, XM-LAR, MK17, M4RA, StA-14, and K8A1

Marksman Rifles - M395, M39 EMR, M1 Guardian, M41D, SMR, SVU-AS, DMR-1, and FAL OSW

Sniper Rifles - KBS Longbow, Black Widow, Ballista, EBR-800, M392, DSR-50, DBSR-50, Locus, P-06, Intervention, and PSL Evolution

Shotguns - DCM-8, Banshee, Rack-9, R870 MCS, Reaver, Freedom, SPAS-12, KRM-262, KAM-12, KSG, Haymaker 12, Winchester M1887, CSG-12, Olympia, Bulldog, and AA12

SMG's - AMR9, ASM1, HVR, Karma-45, ERAD, RPR EVO, FHR40, MP5, MP7, MP40, MSMC, Thompson, Vector CRB, Weevil, PDW-57, P90, SN6, and Uzi

LMG's - Titan, RAW, RPD, R70 Ajax, 48 Dredge, BRM, Dingo, Mauler, M27 IAR, MG4, M43AE1, M260B, StA-3, SA-80 LSW, AUG-HBAR, LSAT, HCAR, and HAMR

Secondary Weapons:

Pistols - MK1911, MR6, Mauser C96, Omni, P226, Desert Eagle, Five-Seven, UGP-45, and Raven

Hand Cannons - Hailstorm, .44 Magnum, Executioner, M1 Irons, Marshal 16, and Annihilator

Machine Pistols - FMG9, Full-Auto 1911, M9A1, MP11, MP-443 Genesis, EMC, KAP-40, Kendall 44, G18C, B93R, Belgium PDW, B23R, Colt AE, TMP, PDW-2000, and Scorpion VZ.61

Melee Weapons - Lightsaber, Crusader Sword, Crossguard Lightsaber, Combat Knife, Samurai Sword, Scythe, Machete, Baseball Bat, Chainsaw, Energy Samurai Sword, Energy Scythe, Energy Sword, Energy Hammer, Double Bladed Lightsaber, Twin Bladed Lightsaber, Quadruple Bladed Lightsaber, Spinning Lightsaber, and Crow's Eye

Specials - Crossbow, Death Machine, D13 Sector, and Ballistic Knife

Launchers - XM53, P-LAW, L4 Siege, Thumper, SMRS, China Lake, and M6 Spartan Laser


Wonder Weapons - Ray Gun, Wonder Waffle AE-3, Christmas Launcher DG-1, Venom-X, LZ-52 Limbo, KL03 Trident, TrueCrazy M5, and Blaster Cannon GKZ-47

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