Call of Duty Zombies is a Call of Duty spin off game. It features over 100 levels and tons of weapons and features. The game will be part of a collection of games. Note: This is fan made.

Name: Call of Duty Zombies

Series: Call of Duty

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PC


Basic Info from the Writer Edit

COD Zombies is a COD spin off game. I wanted to give Nazi Zombies from COD WAW its own game. So COD Zombies popped up. COD Zombies will feature 100 levels and much more. The game will focus on tactics and teamwork and firepower to take out zombies. Some levels have a boss battle at the end and some levels are actual locations. You play can play with many different characters and create your own levels. Also, the game will feature mini games for single player, split screen, and multiplayer. The game will also have DLC and special recognition to WAW to unlock special stuff.

Story Edit

The game starts when you selected a character to plays as (you get 5 characters to chose from), then you start. First you have to do a practice level, LV 0. During the practice, you got to survive 3 rounds. After that, the game starts. Basically, you beat the levels, find clues leading to the zombies’ hive, and rescue your comrades along the way. At the end, you get to the zombie hive and kill the zombie mother known as The Parasite. Then the main characters wake up in an unusual…………. location.

Weapons Edit


Lightning Gun

Freeze Ray

Fan Gun

Acid Bomb

Light Beam

Laser Beam

AG-71 (Fake)

MG-105 (Fake)

A18 Assault Rifle (Fake)

TG-48 (Fake)

SOGB (Satellite Operated Guidance Beam) (Fake)

Other guns and weapons

PT1 Bomber (Fake)

CODZ will also feature all weapons from COD4, COD: WAW, and COD: MW2

Other Installments Edit

The game will be release with a full series of games starting with COD Zombies. Other titles will include a prequel currently titled COD Zombies: Origins, a sequel COD Zombies 2: Nightmares, another sequel COD Zombies 3: Global Apocalypse and about 4 other titles.