Another soldier in the Zombie campaign


A soldier in the Zombie Campaign

This is a map pack containing four new maps and a new Zombie campaign.



Close-quaters map which is in a street with ten houses. The two forces are The Spetsnaz elite Forces and the Ranger Elite Forces.

Zombie campaignEdit


You start off flying over a suburb in America trying to assist evacuating civilians. Wolf hands you an AK 97C and you get off the Eagle. You go into a building and are jumped by Zombies. A squad led by Sergeant Kemal the kill all the Zombies. You then move off to the Evac site only to discover that it is under attack by Zombies. You then kill all of the Zombies and get into an Eagle. Your next objective is to defend civilians from the Zombies using a mounted Deathinator.


Your character changes to the Rangers. You and your squad are trapped in a building with Cobra sitting by a window watching for Zombies. Gunny tells you about his plan to smash through the Zombies and escape to the Evac site. Cobra then nods signalling that Zombies are coming. You pick up your weapon and leave the building. Zombies then ambush you and Cobra is killed. You manage to get to the evac site without meeting any more resistance. You re-supply then Zombies attack the evac site. You defend the evac site however lots of people are killed. You then board Eagles and recieve orders that you are to clear out an Asylum.


Your Eagle lands in an abandoned town with a lot of destroyed buildings. Sergeant Kemal then says that it's too quiet. Zombies suddenly leap out of building etc. and attack you. One knocks Sergeant Kemal into a ditch. Before you can help him a Zombie jumps on you and you have to push a sequence of buttons to get it off. You then stab the Zombie in the neck repeatedly.

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