This is an article on the Call of Duty Fanon wiki, it is where to catch the latest news on the rules, projects, activity, the main types of articles, and also new Administrators. Started on October 4th 2009, Call of Duty Fanon users will now have the ability to know the latest news of whats what in the wiki.


  • Spyzombie45 has became an Administrator of Call of Duty Fanon, and has made a few changes, mostly through sorting out the Catergories.


  • A NCF (Non-Canon Friendly) rule was established on October 4th, any articles that don't make sense with the Call of Duty Universe, will be marked with it, if no improvements are made after 1 month, the Administrators will have to take action. Any Non-Canon Friendly page will be marked with the NCF Template (soon to arrive). Any article (such as the Imperial Zombies page) that has came out before the release of a certain map/game (in this case Shi No Numa), it will not be marked with NCF.

Most Popular ArticlesEdit

Nazi Zombies has became the most popular pages of the Wiki, these include Zombie Types, abilities, and maps overall.

New Call of Duty games have also began to spring lose, especially ones based in the WWI and II.


The Wiki's first RP has started to gain members, check out the list of RPs.

No Projects have begun in the Fanon Wiki, mainly due to it's current small size. For those who do not know what a wiki project is, it is things like the Necros Project from the Halo Fanfiction wiki.