List of achievements/trophies for Call of Duty 9.

Achievement Description Points Trophy Image
Troubled Times Comeplete By Strength and Guile 15G Bronze
Very Intelligent Complete Got Their Hands Tied 15G Bronze
Aladdin Complete Flying Carpet 15G Bronze
Monopoly Complete Attack Force 15G Bronze Monopoly
The Mighty Jungle Complete In the Jungle 15G Bronze
Ice Age Comeplete Snowstorm 15G Bronze Ice Age
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Comeplete Armed Giant 15G Bronze
World War III Complete Let the War Begin 15G Bronze World War III
Story Time Complete An Old Man's Tale 15G Bronze
Eruption Complete Hawaii 15G Bronze Eruption
Self Sacrifice Complete Everything to Lose 15G Bronze
Game Over Complete Expiration Date 15G Bronze
Truth Overcomes All Bonds Complete the campaign on any difficulty 40G Silver
5 Star General Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty 90G Gold 5 Star General
Opening Act Complete all the levels in Act 1 on Veteran difficulty 25G Silver
Intermission Complete all the levels in Act 2 on Veteran difficulty 25G Silver
Curtain Call Complete all the levels in Act 3 on Veteran difficulty 25G Silver
Double or Nothing Destroy the two BMPs with one 150mm shot in Armed Giant 10G Bronze Double or Nothing
We Come in Peace Kill no civilians in Flying Carpet 10G Bronze We Come In Peace
Lightfooted Reach the helicopter in Hawaii in under 3 minutes 10G Bronze
Undetected Remain undetected while following the mobster in Snowstorm 10G Bronze
Cairo Fried Chicken In Flying Carpet, kill 10 chickens in 7 seconds. 10G Bronze
Sticky Situation Kill 5 enemies in Campaign or Spec Ops with a single Semtex 10G Bronze
Firefighter Kill a Flame Trooper 10G Bronze Firefighter
Burned to a Crisp Kill 5 enemies with an exploding fuel tank on a Flame Trooper 10G Bronze Burned To A Crisp
Number One Complete a Spec Ops mission or Survival game with more kills than your partner 20G Bronze Number One
I Know Your Secret Find 24 Intel Items 20G Bronze
All Seeing Find 48 Intel Items 35G Silver All Seeing
David and Goliath Kill a Juggeraunt 10G Bronze
All Luck Kill a Juggernaut with a headshot 15G Bronze
The Star Earn 1 Star in Spec Ops Mission Mode 10G Bronze The Star
Starry Night Earn 60 Stars in Special Op Mission Mode 40G Silver Starry Night

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