Call of Duty: WWII Special Ops 2 is the sequel WWII Special Ops.


Training - Sgt. James Wilson - Train with the US Marines.

World at War - Sgt. James Wilson - Defende Bataan in the Philipines from the Japanese invaders.

Assassination Order - Sgt. John William - Along with the British SAS, protect London from German agents.

Operation Rutter - Sgt. John William - Fight in the Dieppe Raid.

Mercury - Sgt. John William - Interrupt German shipments of mercury to Japan.

Shipwreck - Sgt. James Wilson - Find the shipwreck with the mercury in it.

North Africa - Sgt. John William - Find German General Otto Rolf's, head of the mercury program, headquarters in El Alamein.

The Giant - Sgt. John William - Destroy the mercury program's base, Der Riese.

Supernova - Sgt. James Wilson - Head with the Russians during Operation Olympus and find Friedrich Steiner.

The Compound - Sgt. James Wilson - Destroy the mercury compound in the Munich.

The Alps - Find and kill General Rolf in the Alps.

Final Call - Destroy the mercury compound in Washington DC before the mercury can be released.

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