Call of Duty: WWII Special Ops focuses on secret missions commited by the British and the Americans.


1. Training, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- Sgt. Patrick Elroy trains with his SAS team

2. Resue Mission, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- Sgt. Patrick Elroy and his team goes to rescue French Resistance members in France

3. Friend or Foe, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- The SAS are sent to scout Russians in Norway in case of a British invasion

4. Bleeding China, Sgt. Dean Winchester- Sgt. Dean Winchester and the Marines are sent to China to aid the battle against Japan

5. Ambush, Sgt. Dean Winchester- Survive a Japanese ambush led by Japanese General Yang in China

6. Bombs Deployed, Gunnery Sergeant Mickey Franks- Cover the SAS below with your plane

7. Special Delivery, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- Deliver weapons and ammunition to the French Resistance

8. Overboard, Sgt. Dean Winchester- Destroy a Japanese ship believed to have General Yang on board

9. Survival of the Fittest, Sgt. Dean Winchester- After crashing into Thailand survive in the jungle until the Marines can evacuate

10. Italy, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- Infiltrate Rome and attempt to kill Benito Mussolini

11. Escape from Rome, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- Escape after the assassination attempt fails

12. The Prototype, Sgt. Dean Winchester- Destroy a prototype ray gun so the Japanese can't use it

13. Finding Radio, Sgt. Dean Winchester- Find a radio to contact Command about the Germans giving the Japanese the ray gun

14. Wonder Weapons, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- Destroy a German factory containing Wonder Weapons

15. The Papers, Sgt. Patrick Elroy- Bring papers about nuclear weapons out of Germany

16. Tank Assault, Sgt, Dean Winchester- Attack General Yang's headquarters with a tank

17. Hardcore, Sgt. Dean Winchester- Kill Genral Yang



Sgt. Patrick Elroy

Capt. David Jameston

Lt. Lee Noone

Pvt. Roy Carver

Gunnery Sergeant Mickey Franks


Sgt. Dean Winchester

Lt. Jack Nickel

Staff Sgt. Hunter Wadeer

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