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Pursuit is a story written by U.N.Owen. It takes place four years after the Russian American war(WARNING: If you do not like crossovers stop reading now).

Dramatis Personae Edit

Alec JacquesEdit

Name: Jacques, Alec N.

Age: 25

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Nationality: United States

Affiliation: 3rd Echelon

Rank: 2nd Lt.

Born: June 27th 1995

History: USMC, NSA

Psych: Quiet, reserved, follows orders. Good soldier. Takes the initiative if needed.

Alexei Pyter (Alias)Edit

Name: Unknown

Age: Mid 20s

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Nationality: Theorized to be US

Affiliation: Shadow of Zhakeov

Rank: Major

Born: Unknown

History: N/A

Psych Evaul: Rutheless, evil and nasty.



"Soap" MacTavish

John Price


Sam Fisher

Shadow of ZhakeovEdit

Jason Bourne


Nguyen Marovi

Background Edit



Soap and PriceEdit



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