[UNDER CONSTRUCTION,WILL RETURN SOON]Call of Duty: Origins follows the story of four men in their efforts to defeat evil prior and during the events of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Single PlayerEdit


In this game you play as a young Captain Price who serves his years from Pvt. to Lt. and even up to his meeting with Soap. Along with Price, you'll play as Marine Corps Private Griggs, returning from Modern Warfare. The two other characters are Canadian Special Forces(CSF) Leonard "Leo" Paerser and CIA Operative Sgt. Percy Finland.


John Price-Main Protagonist in the 22nd SAS Regiment with Captain Macmillian(Playable)

MacMillan-Leader of 22nd SAS Regiment

Private Torso-22nd SAS Regiment

Leo Paerser(Fire)-Secondary Protagonist, Canadian Special Forces(Playable)

Wayne Griggs-Secondary Protagonist, Marines(Playable)

Percy Findland- Secondary Protagonist,CIA(Playable)

Imran Zakhaev- Leader of Ultranationalist

Dmitri Polesky- Zakhaev's mentor

Jonah Zeller- Leader of CSF and underling of Zakhaev

Achmed Kymundi- OpFor leader

Khaled Al-Asad- Student of Kymundi

Lt.Johnson- Leader of Griggs's regiment

Raccoon- Soilder in CSF

Beta- Captain of 31st CSF Regiment

Rooster- Youngest in CSF 31st

Martinez- Sgt. in Findland's squad

Boulevard- Agent in Findland's squad

Kamarov- Loyalist leader.


CIA- Findland, Boulevard and Martinez

SAS- Price, MacMillan and Torso

CFS- Paesar, Zeller, Raccoon, Beta and Rooster

Marine Corps- Griggs, Johnson

Navy SEALS- Miscallaneous

OpFor-Kymundi, Al-Asad

Ultranationalist- Dmitri Polesky, Zeller and Zakhaev

Loyalist- Kamarov


Frying Pan-Training using Price

Higher Stakes- Wayne Griggs first appearance

Spartan- Wayne Griggs and the Marines track an informant with info on Kymundi

Hoplite- Marines recover informant Viktor Le Teazu

For Our Children- Price and SAS infiltrate Russian border

At All Tops- Running away from Russian choppers

Freezer- Paesar first appearance, evacuating Calgary Secret Base

First Floor- Paesar is captured and taken to the "First Floor", a hide out for Pollesky

Niner-Niner- Price, Macmillian and Torso escape Russia after seeing Pollesky is not there.

Home Turf- Back on UK soil, Russia launches an attack on London.

Alpha don't Board- Griggs goes into Afghanistan searching for Al-Asad and Kymundi

Safehouse-Griggs and Marines reach so-called "Safehouse, which allegedly holds Kymundi

Hidden- Kymundi tricks Marines, ambushes them. Marines escape, last mission with Griggs.

Lost- Paesar and team escape "First Floor"

Stranded- Zeller shoots the team, Paesar and Raccoon survive.

Knowledge- CIA Agent Finland saves Canadian Forces remnants, tells them of Zeller's deception.

Intelligence Restricted- Pollesky, Zakhaev, and Zeller mysteriously disappear

Access Denied- CIA are attacked by Pollesky's special forces

Evil has it's cost- Price and Macmillan travel to USA to assist the Americans. Pollesky escapes with Zeller and Zakhaev. CIA traces Zakhaev to Chenobyl.

All Ghillied Up-Re-rendered mission from CoD4

One Shot, One Kill- Re-rendered mission from CoD4

Evacuation- AC130 protects the escaping Macmillan and Price

Old Friend's- Kamarov, leader of the Russian Loyalist is called to help with the evacuation

I Owe You One- Kamarov and Loyalist are successful

Belongings- CIA,CSF,SAS join together to kill Pollesky

Time to Return- CIA,CSf and SAS arrive in Berlin, Germany

Once and For All- Price and Torso chase Pollesky

No Escape-CHOICE MISSION: Choose whether to play as Finland and kill Pollesky, play as Paesar and kill Zeller, or play as Price and hunt down Zakhaev.

Soap- Years later, John "Soap" MacTavish arrives and joins the SAS with new recruits Griffen, Polar and well-known crowd favorite Gaz.(Real name: Gary Anthony Zackery "G.A.Z")

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