Call of Duty: New World is the sequel to Call of Duty 9, and is the eleventh Call of Duty game.


Campaign mode takes place directly after the end of Call of Duty 9.

Plot OverviewEdit

The year is 2012 and the world is in chaos, and all corners of the globe are under attack by Titanium Shipping. British SBS member Sergeant William Thomas is being transported back to London by plane, but the plane is shot down. After fighting his way through a small Russian town, Thomas nearly escapes but is captured by the late Yuri Kirkanov's right hand man, a Kazakh general named Aset Kolganov. Thomas becomes imprisoned in the Vorkuta gulag.

In the United States, and Intelligence Support Activities operatives Rocket and Lt. David "Wolf" Brians lead a counterattack against Titanium Shipping forces in San Francisco. After fighting through "Chinatown" the two learn that large amounts of enemy tanks and vehicles were crossing the Golden Gate bridge. When it becomes apparent the bridge cannot be held, Wolf plants explosives around the bridge, and destroys the bridge.

Back as Thomas, he becomes allies with a Canadian Joint Task Force 2 member nicknamed Nova and a former ASAS sniper nicknamed Outback. The three fight their way out of Vorkuta, and escape to the Latvian capital city of Riga. The three defend themselves from Spetsnaz operatives until an MI6 helicopter arrives to pick them up. The leader of MI6, codenamed Watchtower, tells them several world governments had fallen, most notably France and China. When they arrive back in London they discover it under attack from the IRA and French forces. They try to hold them back but are eventually overrun.

Rocket and Wolf learn that Kolganov is in Sacremento and try to assassinate him, but fail and pursued by Titanium Shipping mercenaries.

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