Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 is the tenth game in the Call of Duty series, following Call of Duty 9.

Single PlayerEdit


Following the end of Modern Warfare 3, the Russian government has been reformed into a coalition between Ultranationalist and Loyalist factions. This has angered many hardliner Ultranationalists, including one Yuri Romanov, who leads a strong army from his base in Siberia. During an attack on Omsk, Spetsnaz members Cardinal and Eagle are sent to help out. After destroying the Ultranationalist HQ, the two destroy the remaining Ultranationalist armies in the countryside.

Meanwhile in America, Shadow Company resurfaces under the control of General William Horace. In a recorded video, the Vice President is murdered. Pvt. David Johnson, Cpl. Jay, and Sgt. Greene of the US Marines Corps along with the National Guard are sent to Chicago, where fighting has emerged between Shadow Company and other National Guard members. After taking back the city, Horace narrowly escapes to Detroit. Johnson defeats Horace's bodyguards in a factory, forcing Horace to retreat on his ship in the Great Lakes.

Cardinal and Eagle head to Beijing to rescue an informant codenamed Vulture from Chinese officials working for Romanov. After escaping Beijing, Vulture tells them that two prisoners named John Price and Derek Westbrook are being transported in a ship across the Pacific Ocean to a tiny island. Cardinal and Eagle infiltrate the island and nearly rescue them, but the four are captured and sent to the Vorkuta gulag.

Johnson pilots a motorboat across Lake Superior, taking out enemy boats at the same time. The three then rescue the USS Utah, which was under attack by Shadow Company forces. During the battle a storm occurs, during which the Utah collides with Horace's aircraft carrier, the Liberty. The three Marines fight their through the Liberty, which is sinking due the collision. Horace escapes onto the Utah, which is now inseperable from the Liberty. The general then detonates explosives on board, and

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